Glass bottles, jars, packaging

& Packaging accessories

DIY needs to be easy and affordable! So it is important to us at The Clean Living Clinic to be able to provide you with everything you need to make your DIY product.
Were possible using glass is the best option to limit chemical exposure, amber is also great to protect and keep product at the best quality.  It also is re-usable which means we can limit our environmental footprint and if we really need to dispose of it, it is recyclable.
Sometimes Glass just doesn't do the trick though so we offer some other options also.
We also supply a range of accessories to make YOUR diy easier including stainless steel funnels, thermometers, labels, roller ball attachments etc.
There is nothing worst than having to search all over the place to find what you need or having to pay multiple postage because you can't get everything in one place.
Now you can get ingredients, packaging and accessories all in way place......EASY!