Aromatherapy Candle Cedarwood, Cypress, Jupiperberry & Patchouli


Pure Essential Oils are personally blended in Milawa, Victoria, to create truly stunning aromas. Known for their therapeutic properties, they may enhance moods, ameliorate ailments, and promote good health and well being. There are a lot of candles on todays market, but very few offer a completely natural candle like the P. I. A. range. If you are looking for a healthy home then you cannot go past this simpy stunning range of pure essential oil candles.

In this range you have the choice of two different sizes:

Larger candle that has a burn time of approx 72 hours and is packaged in a beautiful sturdy gift box, safe for postage.

Small candle that has a burn time of approx 35 hours.

  • Cedarwood, Cypress, Juniperberry & Patchouli

    Large French Apothecary Candle Jar, approx 72 hours burning time. Beautifully boxed.

    One of my favorite! Not overly feminine this candle is my best seller with the Men.

    A beautiful blend that has a balancing, calming and soothing effect on the nerves, can be used for the treatment of addictions, hangovers, and over-indulgence of food. May assist with depression and anxiety, generally bolstering the spirit in challenging situations. Useful in vapour therapy for all breathing difficulties, such as asthma, emphysema, whooping cough and bronchitis