Empty Nasal Inhalers


Blank empty nasal inhalers tubes containers (Wicks Included).  Perfect for adding your favorite essential oils and essential oil blends. (DISCLAIMER: Essential oils are not intended to treat or cure any disease.). Compact size for purses, pockets, bags, and portable for business trip and travelling. Each empty Nasal Inhaler comes in three parts. The wick, the outer chamber and the end cap that is refillable.The tight cap secures the wick inside very securely as to preserve the oils natural properties, so you get long lasting fragrance and benefits.Specification:- Size: Approx.- Tube: 6.5 x 1.5cm/2.56 x 0.59inch- Wick: 4cm/1.57inch
Packaging: Packaged in compostable plant based cellophane

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