Organic Avocado Oil


Persea gratissima

Australian Organic Virgin cold pressed oil is derived from the avocado fruit, comes with an assortment of vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for the skin. From proteins and fats to sterolin to antioxidants to lecithin and potassium.  When used topically on the skin, the oil naturally triggers the production of collagen by the skin. In addition, it shields the skins against age-related wrinkles, fine lines and other aging signs. Avocado oil has a remarkable capability of retaining water in the skin. It also encourages supple and soft tissue. It will soothe dry and itchy skin,  nappy rash, eczema and psoriasis, aid in healing of wounds and burns, reduce the intensity of blemished skin brought about by UV rays, lowers the effects of scalp symptoms and stimulate growth of the hair growth.  Rich in essential fatty acids, protein and vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E and beta carotene. Helps to promote the regeneration of scarred skin. It is best suited for acne prone and dry skin.

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  • Description

    Dark green colour and characteristic odour.


    Packaging: 100ml-500ml Amber glass, 1 Litre Amber PET bottles


    Care Instructions: Not recommended for ingestion.