Myleigh Taylor founder of The Clean Living Clinic - Providing chemical free, non-judgment DIY eductation, options, recipes & support  “What YOU can is enough"

My journey started from a young age.  I was about 11 when I first met a naturopath and began alternative solutions due to health conditions.


As a young adult I started my trade and became a qualified Hairdresser, Beauty Therapist and Nail technician and achieved my first goal by owning my own inner city salon at age 20. 

The Lifestyle & toxic chemicals I was exposed to during this time created more health concerns and I made a choice to leave the salon move to a more rural location before I started my family. 

After the birth of my first child I became very aware of the toxins that surround our everyday lives and starting looking for alternatives, this is how my DIY journey began. 

My chemical free changes were fueled more after in only 7 years experiencing 5 major abdominal surgeries, becoming a mum of 2 children delivered by C-section, major illness and been diagnosed with candida of the bowel. 

Each and every one of these events helped me learn more about my lifestyle and the choices I had to make every step of my living became cleaner. 

I self-taught and self-educated myself at DIY chemical free living, it has taken time and alot of research to get where I am today.  While researching for solutions I discovered the importance on making educated decisions on YOUR lifestyle.  Everyone has different needs, beliefs, priorities and all these things play key roles when making a decision in changing a product.  The deception in mainstream marketing is phenomenal and the fact we seem to be educated enough to believe what we are taught and not educated enough to ask questions is a serious problem. 


Its my belief to never pretend to know all the answers because there is always new perspectives and new things to learn.  Every day brings new choices that create your future........Choose wisely & keep your thoughts and actions positive.

I found that practicing non-judgement and encouraging small, but continual improvement was key to my success in living a chemical free lifestyle.  

This is what gave me the drive and the desire to learn, grow and share my knowledge that DIY can be easy, time efficient, affordable and accessible .......DIY does not have to be put in the "TOO HARD" basket.  


In 2016 The Clean Living Clinic was created to provide chemical free lifestyle education,  support, options and DIY solutions to sustain a healthy lifestyle & save valuable time & money. 

It was vital for me to keep my belief that “What YOU can is enough" as the back bone of the clinic and encourage small but continual improvement, celebrating every step, every choice and every change because everything has an impact.  

2 years on and The Clean Living Clinic is providing DIY raw & organic ingredients, recipes & MYrecipe booklets, DIY kits, 100% pure essential oils, MYclinics & workshops and MYlifestyler support network to help empower you to live a non-toxic, back to basic, simplicity lifestyle.

I currently have created efficient chemical free DIY MYrecipes for ALL my cleaning, beauty, household and personal care products, saving me loads of time and money and being able to provide less chemical exposure to myself and my family. 

The saying "Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life" is so true! I have found my passion, sharing and empowering people fills my bucket.  

And remember .....

What YOU can is enough

Myleigh xo

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Recieve non judgement support and encouragemnent for small but continual improvemnet on YOUR chemical free journey.  After all....What YOU can is enough!