My DIY recipe folder & Booklets

MY DIY recipes folder & booklets were thoughtfully created by Myleigh, so that YOU can keep all your DIY cleaning, DIY skin care, DIY personal & household care chemical free MYrecipes easily accessible in one place.

This cost effective & sustainable MYfolder & booklets give YOU a space to add other DIY recipes & notes YOU have created yourself.

As future DIY MYrecipe booklets are released they will be available to purchase at the fraction of the price of a standard recipe book and can be simply added to your folder. 

The MYfolder & booklets are filled with information on benefits & properties of ingredients and essential oils, as well as DIY info, hints & tips and toxic ingredients to avoid!

YOU choose which MYrecipe booklets you want, which means ONE MYfolder filled with DIY MYrecipes that YOU actually need!