DIY Laundry powder


The Clean Living Clinic DIY Laundry powder is one of a kind!!

Most DIY laundry powder recipes require soap and or borax but we have created one that is soap and borax free!!!

Soap in DIY laundry powder can create multiple problems including greying whites! Find out more about why I avoid soap here

chemical free DIY laundry powder - NO soap NO borax - The Clean Living Clinic Australia

Sodium borate (borax) is a naturally occurring mineral based on element boron it has been linked to 

Eye & skin irritation with prolonged use

Sodium borate and boric acid interfere with sperm production, damage the testes and interfere with male fertility when given to animals by mouth at high doses.

Mainstream Laundry powders contain ingredients such as....


⚠️SLS/SLES - (sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate) Carcinogenic, skin, eye & respiratory tract irritant, skin barrier & function disruption, mutagen, depression, damage to Eco system.

⚠️FRAGRANCE - (Synthetic fragrance or Parfum) can be linked to allergies, asthma, carcinogenic, neurotoxicity, 95% synthetic compounds, hyper-pigmentation, immune system assault, damage to Eco system

⚠️TRICLOSAN - endocrine disruption, antibiotic resistance, immune system assault, thyroid disruption, eye & skin irritation, damage to Eco system


Our DIY laundry powder meets all of our ASTECS standards...... 

Accessibility - ingredients are super easy to get a hold of

Simple - only 5 ingredients straight in the container ready to use

Time - takes less than 2 minutes to make

Efficient - it WORKS!! 

Cost - Cheap as chips at less than 20 cents a load one batch will last a family of four approx 3 months!

Sustainable - what is more sustainable than DIY cleaning products with natural ingredients that can be used multiple times 


Do you want more DIY recipes that are easy, time efficient, affordable and most importantly WORK?

I hear you......

I have spent years researching, playing and creating to find the best Chemical free personal & household care recipes.

I've done the hard work let me share MYrecipes with you! 

So lets get your DIY laundry powder started!!

DIY Laundry Powder Recipe 

DIY Laundry Powder Kit 

DIY MYhome Cleaning Recipe Folder

I hope this helps you all on your chemical free DIY journey's.  

You can find all the ingredients you need to make your chemical free DIY products in our MYstore.  


And remember .....

What YOU can is enough

Myleigh xo


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***Always patch test before use.

***These statements/products have not been evaluated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and The Clean Living Clinics product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.  For more information read T&C's