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The Clean Living Clinic is a proud member of the Toxin Free Tribe.  Toxin Free Tribe are passionate about finding healthy and nontoxic solutions to every day living. They want to share these with you to help you in your journey towards optimum wellness and wellbeing. As well as the directory, you’ll find wellness tips and news, health-centric recipespodcast recommendations, and event listings to encourage and help you make healthy choices.

Venturing down the path of non-toxic or natural living is not just for the ‘crunchy’, it’s for all those who want to live well. - For everything Eco

The Clean Living Clinic is a proud member of the are passionate about empowering Australians to make better choices, all in one place. Eco products are good for you & the planet. They support you and help you too find out how, what, why and where to recycle, up-cycle, re-use & re-purpose, share products, makers, markets & services and local Eco business so you can support your community.  Find all kinds of advice on everything Eco from businesses, media & experts.

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Nourished life's amazing range of products to suit everyones

chemical free journey is amazeballs.

Irene also does great research on every product she retails

and offers alot of information on each product including


It is Irene from Nourished Life's mission to do all the hard

work for you and your family. They source the very best natural

skin care, health and beauty products from the biggest brands

in Australia and the world.



I am proud to say that I personally have known Kate and Mel from Bubbles Organic for many years. We all share a common passion for cutting out the chemicals that we expose to ourselves and our families everyday.  Bubbles have a unique and soul-full approach to skincare, they believe that great skin begins within… They are also BIG believers in Happiness First, which is why Positive Energy is their most important and most loved ingredient. Mel & Kate combine this with hand selected plant extracts, pure carrier oils, vitamins and antioxidants until they are jam-packed with delicious organic goodness.


Aside from their awesome & funny name and marketing "

Who gives a crap" provide quality products such as toilet

paper, paper towel and tissues, that look amazing and are

making a a huge positive difference.  The guy's at Who

Gives A Crap are determined to prove that toilet paper is

about more than just wiping bums.  They make all their

products with environmentally friendly materials, and they

donate 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in

need.  I love and use their products and you should too!!


Gemma from Signature Colours  is also a old salon buddy and we also share the passion of reducing our chemical exposure without losing quality.  Her knowledge regarding skin is immense and also her belief in cruelty free products.  Gemma's products which she specially formulated are based on natural ingredients from Mother Earth. The skin-safe formulas are all allergy tested, paraben free, fragrance free and cruelty free including many vegan items.



Melanie and her family from Wholefood harvest are all

about making life healthier and easier.  Their thoughtfully

selected organics will transform not only your meal times

but also your health. Their boxes of organic fresh fruits and

vegetables, free from toxins, are sourced from local family

run farms and artisans.

You will be on the fast track to achieving optimal heath and

wellbeing.  With numerous pickup points and delivery options

in the Southern Brisbane, Logan, and Scenic Rim areas, putting

your health first couldn’t be easier!

Wholefood Harvest offer fruit, vegetables, fridge & pantry so

they can cover all of your organic needs.  Mel and her family

are passionate about providing locally grown and produced

food. They believe it is by far the best for your body, our

community and the planet. So if you want quality, healthy,

organic groceries jump on and check them out, Its as simple

as Order, Pickup, Cook

If you are new to wholefood harvest be sure to mention that you heard about this amazing produce from The Clean Living Clinic and use 20% off New Customer Discount Code*: ORGANICS4U


Boody was created in 2011 by two best friends along the

beautiful eastern beaches of Sydney, Australia.

They combined their passions for fashion and health to

create an eco clothing brand with comfort, style and health

at its core.

Boody believe that their customers have the right to know

what it takes to produce what they wear daily. That by

changing our habits as consumers and educating ourselves

and our communities we can all “be the change” needed to

reduce the social impact on our planet.

From the bamboo crops that yield their exceptional viscose

yarn to the delivery of Boody into your hands, they are

committed to maintaining a responsible and transparent

process every step of the way.




Modibodi is fashionable, comfortable, highly technical underwear, designed to empower women by protecting them against life’s annoying but very common unmentionables – sweat, light bladder leaks, menstrual onset, menstrual overflow/spotting, discharge, odour and breast milk leaks.

Modibodi™ use only the highest of quality, technically superior natural and synthetic fabrics (Bamboo, Merino Perform Wool and Microfibre) and the latest in fibre technologies, with our patented Modifier Technology™ – a breathable, super slim, moisture wicking, absorbent, antimicrobial, stain resistant, leak proof lining and Modifier Air Technology™– a breathable, moisture wicking, antimicrobial lining.

*Please note that I am an affiliated with some of these companies and their products.  Some of these affiliated programs provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to affiliate sites.


These are products and companies that I personally use and have goals & beliefs that suit my own. I am honored that we can collaborate together and share in one another goals and dreams which creates mutual benefits and also lets me these amazing products and companies with you.  

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