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Holistic Bliss Magazine - October 2017

The Clean Living Clinic was lucky enough to feature the Chemical free Community article by Jillian Exton in the October 2017 Holistic Bliss Magazine.  The independent monthly magazine by Vanessa Finnigan gives you great information about natural health and an holistic way of life. HB Magazine is heavily distributed in Qld as well as all the states and territories in Australia each month and the whole magazine can be read online in an easy to read flip format which attracts local, national and international readers.

Holistic Bliss Magazine focuses on the ‘whole’ individual; mind, body and spirit and helps readers to think about their connection with themselves, others and the environment.

Topics include: Natural health, psychology, herbalism, organics, sustainability, creativity, natural animal care, holistic beauty and style, relationships, kids and parenting, food for the soul and consciousness.


EKKODOTWORLD - featured articles 

Myleigh from The Clean Living Clinic is honored that some of her articles feature on the Ekko.world website.  The guys at Ekko.world are passionate about empowering Australians to make better choices, all in one place.  Myleigh recently shared a two part article on Sun care protection tips & recommendations.  Ekko.world offer of advice on everything Eco from businesses, media & experts. 


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Chemical Free Community Blog - November  2017

The Clean Living Clinic is honored to work with the ChemFreeCom. Jillian Exton is super passionate about pursuing chemical free choices in her own life following a cancer adventure.  Frustrated at how difficult it was to start the transition, Jillian turned frustration into motivation and created the Chemical Free Community. The Community provides the connection between users who are on their chemical free journey looking for non-toxic and less toxic food, products and services (hairdressers, beauticians, pest control, holistic doctors and dentists, dry cleaners, swimming pools, nail salons, vets and pet care, restaurants and cafes, furniture and even funerals) and suppliers of chemical free products and services.

With a growing numbers of ‘lifestyle’ illness across the globe being attributed to the cocktail mix of chemicals in our society,  our goal is to make it easier for families to lower or eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals as well as support the growth of chemical free businesses. We want to make it easy for families to find ways to reduce their family’s toxic exposures and we offer a couple of avenue for you to do that.

Myleigh sat down with Jillian to chat about what makes chemical free DIY solutions and The Clean Living Clinic so amazeballs..........

Clean Living – Less Than 5 Ingredients

JIllian Exton  November 19, 2017

We had the joy of spending time with Myleigh from The Clean Living Clinic a few months ago when she joined us at a sustainability event in Brisbane to promote all things chemical free.  As Myleigh shared her tips and demonstrated her recipes, I was continually amazed at how easy it was to create a DIY chemical free options for pretty much everything in your home.  Passionate, committed and caring, Myleigh supports many of her members both locally and via online on their chemical free journey.


 Q1. What do you do?

We provide chemical free lifestyle education and DIY solutions.  We offer DIY raw & organic ingredients, carrier oils, DIY personal and household care recipes & MYrecipe booklets – these recipes consist of 5 or less ingredients and can be made in less 5 minutes, DIY kits, 100% pure essential oils, MYclinics & workshops and MYlifestyler support network to help empower you to live a non-toxic, back to basic, simplicity lifestyle.

Our MYlifestyler network includes:-

  • Exclusive One on One support,

  • 5% off Clinic Store selected products including Recipe Books.

  • Exclusive access to our MYlifestyle porthole where you can see video tutorials on recipes, new recipes, and be part of Q&A nights with Myleigh herself, etc.

  • Private MYlifestyler support group – the opportunity to chat with like-minded people, celebrate wins, losses, ask for feedback and ask me questions!!

  • CLINIC WORKSHOPS – receive early bird Pre-sale and an exclusive MYlifestyler price on tickets to Myleighs Clean Living clinic’s

  • BFF Clinics!!!** – You can hold BFF clinic in your home for FREE*!  We can design and hold a Clinic to suit YOUR choice of chemical free lifestyle, in your home with your friends. *Guests must pay full price and normal conditions apply ** BFF clinics are subject to application.

  • Monthly emails – receive monthly support emails with chemical free education, solutions and DIY recipes, exclusive discount codes, upcoming clinics and more.

MYrecipes must be quick to make in fact my goal is create recipes that can be made in less than 5 minutes.


Q2. What got you started in the chemical free industry?

I have suffered health issues from the age of 11, my family often sort natural solutions which were always a benefit to me.  As a qualified beauty therapist, nail technician and hairdresser I learned the science behind our skin and the damage chemicals can possibly do.  After the becoming a mother the passion to limit our exposure of chemical grew immensely.

Our naivety and lack of education as consumers and the deceiving information provided by manufacturers and labels also encouraged me to share my knowledge.


Q3. What makes your product or service different?

I keep it personal!  I provide personal support in EVERY way along YOUR chemical free journey, a journey that suits YOU. The choices you make need to be made in consideration of YOUR own lifestyle.

Talking to someone face to face, over the phone has become a thing of the past but The Clean Living Clinic will be there to hold your hand along the way.  I even offer personal MYclinics & workshops so that you can get face to face education & support.

It is also extremely important to me that chemical free DIY works for everyone and this is why I created The Clean Living Clinics ASTECS standards.  Every DIY kit, MYrecipe and product provided must meet this standard:-

ACCESSIBILITY – When creating MYrecipes we always encourage Organic and raw ingredients however it is important that these ingredients are easily accessed, this is why we created the MYstore where any ingredient listed in a MYrecipes is available to be purchased.

SIMPLICITY & SUITABILITY– Back to Basic lifestyle is important therefor MYrecipes must be easy to create, less than 5 ingredients and preferably ingredients that can be used in other MYrecipes.  MYrecipes also need to be versatile to suit YOUR LFIESTYLE, because everybody’s is different!

TIME – MYrecipes must be quick to make in fact my goal is create recipes that can be made in less than 5 minutes.

EFFICIENCY – The finished MYrecipe products MUST work!! As a mum and professional hairdresser, beauty therapist all the MYrecipes must create chemical free products that actually work up to the same standard as mainstream products

COST – MYrecipes must be affordably & cost effective to make.

SUSTAINABILITY – Creating MYrecipes that are not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. We take in into consideration ingredients & packaging. We have spent a lot of time creating the perfect packaging that limits the impact of our environmental footprint.


Beaudesert Times Paper - March 2017

“It’s safer and I know what I’m using, when my daughter pokes out her tongue when I’m using hairspray, I don’t have to worry about what she is exposed to because it’s simply sugar and water,” she said.  Ms Taylor said not many people were aware that an average woman applied up to 500 chemicals to their skin a day.

She said she wanted people to understand how easy, affordable and healthy it was to make chemical free products.

“It’s a very strong passion of mine to encourage people to make better choices and to take ownership of what they are using in their homes and on their bodies,” she said.

“Most of my recipes take five minutes to make and normally there’s two or three ingredients in each product that can be used to make another product.”

Due to the interest Ms Taylor received from local residents, she launched her website The Clean Living Clinic in November last year with the option of purchasing her homemade DIY kits.

“When I first started researching about a chemical-free lifestyle, I found it hard to get support and that is why I wanted to offer tips, recipes and advice to people,” she said.

Ms Taylor said she was pleasantly surprised at the popularity her website had gained over the past few months.

“It has grown really quickly and the DIY kits have sold out already, I’m in the process of repackaging the next lot,” she said.

Ms Taylor said she was eager to release more of her recipes soon, including a spray to help with insomnia.

For more information, call Myleigh on 0411489404.


Beaudesert Times article Myleigh Taylor providing Chemical free lifestyle education and DIY solutions with The Clean Living Clinic

A VERESDALE Scrub resident is on a mission to educate people on chemical free living after having experienced the benefits first hand.

Due to health issues, beauty therapist Myleigh Taylor said she began researching healthy food options and chemical free products 10 years ago and has never looked back.

“I started cutting one thing out at a time and I also didn’t want my kids to have too much exposure to all those chemicals,” she said.

“When I would run out of a product, instead of going out and buying something, I would look at whether or not I could make it myself.”

Ms Taylor said she has saved time and money by making her own products at home and noticed a significant improvement in her family’s health.