MY Toilet Cleaner Fizz - 1kg

MY Toilet Cleaner Fizz - 1kg


Handmade in the Scenic Rim this toilet cleaner fizz uses naturally sourced, odour  neutralising ingredients to provide a safe, effective cleanser, that will clean, absorb odours & clean tough water stains as well as help reduce your chemical exposure.

Septic & Enviro system safe, Free from artificial fragrances, soap, Borax, artificial chemicals such as SLS/SLES & Triclosan

Usage: Add 1-2 Tablespoon to toilet bowl and allow to fizz. Scrub toilet bowl with toilet brush if required. Allow mixture to stop fizzing before flushing. Store in dry cool place preferrably in an air tight container.

Tips: For heavy stains after adding fizz simply spray 3% hydrogen peroxide or vinegar and allow to sit for a few minutes before scrubbing & flushing

Ingredients: Carbonic acid monosodium salt (Sodium Bicarbonate), Citric Acid, Pure Australian Eucalyptus & Orange essential oils 

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