MYhome cleaning starter DIY kit

MYhome cleaning starter DIY kit


The MYhome DIY kit is a great "Get started kit"  Including the MYrecipe DIY folder and MYhome recipe booklet, includes everything you need to make your DIY cleaning recipes.

  • 2kg Washing Soda
  • 500ml Liquid castile soap 
  • 1kg Citric Acid 
  • 1kg Sodium Bicarbonate 
  • 100ml Vegetable Glycerine
  • 100ml Witchhazel
  • 25ml 100% pure Australian lemon essential oil
  • 500ml Amber glass trigger spray bottle x2
  • 200g Amber PET jar
  • 500ml Amber glass pump bottle
  • 30ml Amber glass spray bottle
  • MYrecipe DIY folder - The Clean Living Clinics 45 page full colour DIY MYrecipes folder which was thoughtfully created by Myleigh, so that YOU can keep all your DIY chemical free MYrecipes easily accessible in one place which includes:-
  • MYpure essential oils - 4 pages of information needed in choosing your essential oil for DIY recipes including-What to look for in choosing an essential oil-Usage & applications-Essential oil properties & benefits
  • MYingredients - 10 pages of natural ingredients, where they are derived from and origin, their properties & benefits
  • 9 Tab pages for other MYrecipe categories, with DIY info, hints & tips and toxic ingredients to avoid!
  • MYhome DIY cleaning booklet recipes inlcude:-

- MYbasics - which lists essential ingredients and essential oils for DIY chemical free recipes

- MYlaundry Powder

- MYdish Powder

- MYdish Liquid

- MYsoft Scrub

- MYair Freshness

- MYironing Aid

- MYdeodoriser

- MYmulti Spray

- MYmold Solutions


The cost effective and sustainable MYfolder gives YOU a space to add your choice of future MYrecipe booklets, other DIY recipes & notes YOU have created yourself that suit YOUR chosen path in your own time frame.You can see a full range of DIY

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