Portable Stainless Steel kitchen probe thermometer

Portable Stainless Steel kitchen probe thermometer


Fast reading, probe sensor is strong, can accurately measure. 

Dial surface is made of explosion-proof glass, can stand high temperature

The pan and probe are made of stainless steel, safety and environmental protection.

Multi-purpose high quality Pointer Thermometer, convenient to carry, beautiful and durable, easy to observe surface large numbers.

This temperature sensor parts only in needle parts (about tip up to 1.5 cm)

Product use:  The temperature control can be used for milk, also can measure other liquid beverage temperature.

Storage methods: constant temperature storage

Material: stainless steel

Length:about 13.5cm/5.31"

Dial diameter: about 3cm/1.18"

Temperature measurement range: 0℃ to 120℃





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