Own YOUR Choices

Well here is my first ever blog.....enjoy!!!

While I'm sitting here with chemical bleach on my scalp sipping my tea at the hairdresser, I can hear you all screaming HYPOCRITE!

But I know I’m not! I believe living clean is a personal choice, YOU are the only one who can decide where, when & how your path should go.

Yes I try very hard to have as little chemicals in my life & due to health reasons restrict my food however I still bleach my hair, I wear nail polish, I wear fake lashes sometimes that are stuck on with horrid glue, I even wear cheap chemical red lipstick occasionally & yes I drink alcohol! But guess what............. they are MY choices!!! I know the risks, dangers & consequences and I know what it can do to my body & health but I have decided it is ok for me to do these things & I’m good with it, I’m happy.

This doesn't mean I ignore all information, advice. It just means I listen, research, analysis the risk for ME and make my decision. I also re-evaluate when the time is right, for example if my gut has been playing up, skin has flared of course a coffee is not an option for me.

When we go out for dinner I EAT! Yes that's right I pick the closest thing on the menu that meets my dietary requirements. It may not fit every category but it’s the best for ME and considering I am very strict on MYSELF regarding my diet on the odd occasion we eat out, I believe that this is ok for ME!

At the end of the day it’s about moderation and making informed decisions for YOURSELF, other people’s opinions do not matter. You might use no chemicals in your skincare & makeup but can't bare the thought of not bleaching your toilet. As long as you are aware of your choices, you make INFORMED choices and you are still ok with it good for you!! Own it!!

After all ........... "WHAT YOU CAN IS ENOUGH"

Myleigh xo

P.S For support on removing chemicals from your life, DIY recipes, workshops etc. please contact me.

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