Let me ask you this, do you think you look after yourself? Honestly? Do you make time for yourself, do you feel you maintain your physical and mental wellbeing, and are you happy??

When it comes to making time for ourselves most humans be it women of men, working or not working, we are not very good at it. But mothers normally top the cake!!

As a parent you always put your family’s needs before your own. Priorities change and taking time out for yourself becomes harder and less important, you start hearing yourself say "I don’t have the time", or " I’ll just get this done first".........

Well today it STOPS!!

Making time for ourselves is SO important. Of course do it for yourself but also for your family. Taking time out for ourselves boosts confidence, motivation, positivity, productivity, self-esteem, contentment, sexiness........yep you heard me SEXINESS. And not to mention purely just taking care of ourselves!!

I’m not asking you to go and spend 4 hours and a tank load of dollars at a 5 star Day spa (although wouldn't it be nice), I’m just saying put aside 1 HOUR a week just for you. 1 HOUR, that's all no excuse! It can be after the kids go to bed, on the weekend when someone can watch the kids, or even get up early before the kids wake up.

Run yourself a bath, put your IPod tunes on, light some candles, get a glass of wine (maybe not if waking up early but each to their own), shave your legs etc., exfoliate your body and face, put on a mask, read a book, CHILL OUT AND UNWIND. Get out moisturise, paint your nails, pluck your brows, basically whatever tickles you’re fancy but just do it with no interruptions.

You will be amazed at what just 1 hour can do for you. Not only will you be looking great, you will feel relaxed, awesome, sexy, like you have everything together, happy, positive, "maintained" and ready to conquer the world.

I have ladies tell me before "My husband would never watch the kids so I could do that". Well have you asked?? Most men would be happy to watch them for 1 hour if it meant you walked feeling fantastic, and once they see the benefits of that hour they will be begging you take some time out.

My husband encourages me to take this time! He much prefers the sexy, smoothed legged, relaxed and happy wife that comes to bed feeling all sexy than the messed haired, frantic, anxious, feeling neglected, can’t be bothered, miserable, "don’t touch me I'm ugly" and "I have a headache" wife that sometimes pop's her head up around here.


Physical Health is also extremely important when it comes to looking after ourselves. Now I’m talking about HEALTH, not weight. Although the weight will change if you put this in action. When do you exercise or get physical? Again I hear "I don’t have time, I’m tired, it's boring blah blah blah" WRONG.

Firstly what do you enjoy?? There is no point running if you hate running because it is most likely only going to last a week and then be put in the too hard basket. Next what is stopping you? Time? Kids? Tired?

There are so many options out there to combat all your barriers that stop you. Gym memberships are fantastic, you can hit the awesome classes up and take full advantage of the daycare they provide yes a membership costs money but for me it is well worth it. I have limited support so Gym time is MY time!! Headphones on and zone out, mine has a Sauna and sometimes I don’t work out I just read a book and chill in the sauna! I use the shower at the gym!! I can have a shower by MYSELF, no kids running in wanting me. On Tuesday’s my daughter has swimming lesson's so I spend half hour doing laps in the pool, it doesn’t cost much and I’m not wasting anytime. My son plays Tennis and soccer after school sometimes for 2 hours so a couple of other mums and myself have started walking laps of the next door oval!! On days I don’t go to gym or pool I play with the kids!! Yep simple as that! We jump on the trampoline, play soccer, Cricket, Dancing, Tennis, Tiggy and sometimes I let them give me a PT session. These are the hardest workouts of my week!! When was the last time you jumped on a Tramp? Holy Cow it's a major workout! Kids PT session are great too and the kids love it! My 8 year old gets me doing sprints, squats jumps, skipping, hoola hooping, lunges, knee lifts etc. and they push you too!! Dancing is My 5 year old daughters favorite, we pump the tunes and get into it, they love getting me to do dance moves that when I was younger could perform beautifully (now not so much) and I SWEAT!!

At least 15 minutes a day is all you need!! Again get up before the kids wake up, wait till they go to bed or better still when they get home PLAY!

As for the tired excuse.....PUSH THROUGH IT!! Honestly you will have more energy after your workout, your metabolism will kick in, and your body will increase blood flow this helps deliver more oxygen throughout our bodies. We need that oxygen to create energy and also, exercise releases endorphins in our bodies which give us a “feel good” sensation. In addition, working out gets us in better shape which in the long run means that we don’t get as tired as quickly, which is much like having extra energy.


I can't tell you anything here you don’t already really know! Eating a balanced diet and Drinking plenty of water is the key to looking after yourself.

For me though my biggest realization was eating every meal!! Make sure you eat 3 meals a day preferably starting with a protein rich breakfast, again "get up early and make yourself some eggs B*#tch!!" (Sorry everyone but I had to say that).

You will notice a huge difference in energy, metabolism and weight by not skipping meals.

Also SUGAR!! Sugar is as far as I am concerned a drug society has pushed on us and everyone is addicted, QUIT! Seriously I don’t mean don't put it in your coffee, I mean cut it out of everything. Read every label you have nearly everything has sugar, mixed spice, bread, cheese, sauce's, condiments. When I quit sugar my body went into full withdrawals, I had a headache for 2 weeks. But after that it was easy. We have so much sugar in our diets that our taste buds have actually dulled and we need high sugar foods to taste the sweetness hence why most people find natural, sugar free products tasteless. But once you have detoxed yourself these taste buds come back and you can actually taste the natural sweetness of food and that is sweet enough.

Remember though........What you CAN is ENOUGH!

Myleigh xo

P.S For support on removing chemicals from your life, DIY recipes, workshops etc. please contact me.

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