I am CooCoo Chemical Free and PROUD of it!

Yesterday I walked into my house and was blown away!

It was the first time that I had noticed that every cleaning item and personal care item in the house was chemical free! Either made by myself or researched and purchased by an amazing company!

It has taken a long time, seriously. It definitely does not happen in a week.

Over the years I have slowly replaced every item in the house once I had run out, with a chemical free option I have spent numerous hours late at night researching DIY ingredients, recipes, retail products etc.

But for me it is and was totally worth it!

I know some people think I am "coo coo", even my husband thinks I'm loopy but I seriously do not care.

I am proud of the fact that my miss 4 occasionally screams at the top of her lungs "chemical free", and my Mr 7 is constantly asking about ingredients in skincare, food etc. and has now started refusing anything that is not chemical free.

Last week a conversation with Mr7 left me speechless……

Mr 7 - "Mum you will have to make our hair detangler now!"

Me - "I do already mate, I made this one."

Mr 7 - "WOW! If everyone knew about this chemical free stuff you make we would be rich! Is there anything you haven't made?"

Me - "I don't make the sunscreen we buy that"

Mr 7 - "But it is it chemical free?"

Me - "absolutely!!"

Mr 7 - "Well you will just have to try making sunscreen next mum; you will have to move up and onto the next step".

I laughed as I walked away, and it made me proud enough that tears welled in my eyes also.

Not only am I making a difference to my children’s health, but I am also educating them so as though they can make their own educated decisions as adults. They can inform others who ask them about it (I'm very big on not lecturing people about their lifestyles, we only talk about it if asked).

But I never realised how much they are already learning and most of all I never realise how much they are encouraging ME and are proud of ME !?!

At such a young age they appreciate the time and effort I make to doing what I have done for our family, and their support has made it so much easier to tackle my dreams of helping others.

For all of you amazing human beings out there thinking.... Will I? Won't I? It is simple, do it!! Change 1 item, change a few or change it all. It doesn't matter how many because just changing 1 product IS making a difference to your whole family but especially your little one's.

As parents we are the only one's responsible for our little mini-me's. So instead of sitting back and saying "well I cant change it." Take the step to controlling the home environment because every mum, dad and family out there that does, that is 1 more person and eventually it will be normal to live CHEMICAL FREE lives!

Wouldn't that be great?


What YOU can, is enough

Myleigh xo

P.S For support on removing chemicals from your life, DIY recipes, workshops etc. please contact me.

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