Toxin Free, Organic, eco friendly clothing-The next path on my chemical free journey PART 1 - Underw

I've reached my next step in my journey where I am now replacing my clothing & show items with a toxin free, environmentally friendly option instead. It is a new path for me and the research is time consuming as normal however I am making progress slowly. Again the biggest part of our journeys is sometimes having to sacrifice a belief but also working out what you are OK with sacrificing.

When it comes to clothing I would prefer 100% natural fibre however when it comes to work out gear and underwear it is hard to find quality products that fit this belief.

I have recently found .........

Bhumi organic cotton active wear and I am looking

forward to trying them. They tick just about all the boxes.... -No Toxins -Ethically Made - Grown and made in Fair Trade certified farms and mills -Organic - Made from 100% certified cotton, no GMOs and no toxic dyes -Sustainable - Made using methods that do not cause harm to our natural resources

-Recycled - Recycled, recyclable and non toxic packaging

Unfortunately there is a sacrifice...... Polyester! However Bhumi have made it easier to sacrifice this because it's recycled ♽ Recycled Polyester - Bhumi's polyester is recycled, made from PET bottles, old garments and waste fabrics, which would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

Bhumi have a clothing range for Men, Women and Children and Bed & Bath options.

Boody organic bamboo eco wear

Not only do they have sustainable basics made from 100% organically grown Bamboo. Boody also have a small range of sporty leggings.

Made out of our brilliant bamboo fabric, which makes them moisture-wicking, ultra-breathable and cool in hot weather. If you’re sick of synthetics, try our take – just right for your active lifestyle.

Fabric is 80% viscose made from bamboo*, 13% nylon, 7% elastane

* viscose made from organically grown bamboo.

Boody boast their products are......

  • eco-friendly & ethical

  • hypoallergenic

  • anti-odour,

  • anti-bacterial,

  • anti-fungal,

  • anti-static

  • super breathable

  • moisture-wicking & thermo-regulating

Boody is certified as organically grown by Ecocert and complete Boody Basic SGS tests:

  • Bursting strength

  • Pilling resistance

  • Fabric weight per unit area

  • Free formaldehyde content

  • Azo dyes

  • Extractable heavy metals

All Boody Packaging SGS tests include:

  • Toxics in packaging

  • Recycled paper used in packaging

  • Vegetable inks used in packaging

Again the downside is that there are still synthetics present such as Nylon and Elastane

Boody also have a clothing range for Men, Women and Baby.

Bras without wires

Bras Without Wires is an amazing company and again I am excited about getting my hands on my new wire free bra.

First lot of Bras that I have found that are sexy and healthy.

Bras Without Wires are lined in organic cotton – “fit-for-purpose” for women undergoing radiotherapy, but not a cancer bra!

And for the growing number of women undergoing elective, cosmetic breast surgery of any kind who can’t wear wires for months afterwards (if indeed ever, Bras Without Wires is a beautiful solution for your post surgery wire free bra.

Bras Without Wires is an organic cotton bra for Every woman and her daughter, sister, mother and friends, who are ready to make the move to a wire free bra.

All their wireless bras are lined with Australian made organic cotton and that’s what sits next to your skin throughout

And the best part!!! Because they love breasts and wish healthy ones to all, Bras Without Wires will donate $1 for every wire free bra sold to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, to contribute to the research that will find a cure.

Downside is that they do still have elastic which is made of synthetic fibre.

I am slowly finding more & more alternative's and plan to share the discoveries and choices I have found as I go. So keep your eyes peeled for as I follow & share my journey. My next path is shoes!!

Love this blog? Want more? I can help you succeed on your chemical free journey easily and affordably. Learn more here

Remember What YOU can is enough


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