DIY hair detangler recipe - MYNo knots & nits chemical free detangler spray

Hair detangler is a staple for most woman and especially for parents with little girls. Unfortunately mainstream hair detanglers are filled with chemicals but with this DIY hair detangler recipe you can avoid ingredients such as.....

Behentrimonium Chloride used to "detangle" is a toxic ammonia compound that can be fatal if ingested, eye irritant and linked to tissue death of mucus membrane.

Siloxanes also known as cyclomethicone, Dimethicone are used to soften, and smooth. Siloxanes can be linked to endocrine disruption, feritlity, reproductive and immune system assault.

PEGs. (Propylene glycol, ethylene oxide, dioxane 1-4) These ingredients may cause tissue irritation, can be linked to carcinogenic, system, geno toxicity and nervous system damage.

Petroleum or petroleum-based ingredients. Used in hair detangler as a barrier lock, shine and lubricant. Mineral oil or petroleum distillates are Petroleum based ingredients. These ingredients can be linked as a carcinogenic, skin irritants and allergies.

Mineral oil (paraffin, paraffin oil) Used as preserving agent, moisture retention & lubricant, Mineral oil can be linked as a carcinogenic & immune system assault.

Thankfully Myleigh from The Clean Living Clinic has created a chemical free DIY hair detangler recipe and it is amazeballs!!

And it gets even better..............It can even prevent head lice!!!

Yep those nasty little lice that every parents dread. Since using this DIY hair detangler with a 100% pure essential oils lice deterrent blend added my kids have been head lice free.

DIY hair detangler recipe - MYNo knots & nits chemical free detangler spray



  • Place all ingredients in spray bottle

  • Top up with filtered, distilled or floral water.


  • Gently shake DIY hair detangler

  • Spray liberally in hair

  • Brush & style

  • Store in a dark. cool, dry environment

Love this recipe? Want more? I can help you succeed on your chemical free journey easily and affordably. Learn more here

***These statements have not been evaluated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and The Clean Living Clinics product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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