Soap has NO place in your DIY laundry powder!!

I started creating DIY products almost 6 years ago now. One of the first products I replaced was DIY laundry powder.

I was so excited that I was creating a healthier option and was saving heaps of dollars at the checkout.

Moving forward 6 months my husband who thinks I am a crazy hippy raised his concerns that his white shirts were looking grey. I quickly shot him down with a "well we aren't changing back to powder full of chemicals" and being the smart man he is he backed away leaving me to dwell on his well raised point.

He was right they were going slightly grey, and it was driving me crazy! That week on my morning tidy up I discovered the kids had left the bath in from the night before as I drained the ice cold, murky, dirty water from the bath I had a light bulb moment when I seen the soap scum ring around the bathtub.

Why had this not crossed my mind before???

Soap was often used in "the oldy times" with the old fashioned tub and washboard to clean clothes. Combined with water and the agitation of a pure tough woman and their amazing elbow grease it worked well for its time. But our washing machines just do not have that type of agitation and our fabrics are completely different these days.

Soap is a good cleaning agent, however its effectiveness is diminished when used in hard water. Hardness in water is caused by the presence of mineral salts which react with soap to form an insoluble precipitate known as soap film or scum.

The soap is also used up when it reacts with hard water minerals to form the film. This reduces the amount of soap available for cleaning. Even when clothes are washed in soft water, some hardness minerals are introduced by the soil on clothes. Soap molecules are not very versatile and cannot be adapted to today’s variety of fibres, washing temperatures and water conditions

Soap film does not rinse away easily. It tends to remain behind and produces visible deposits on clothing and makes fabrics feel stiff. It also attaches to the insides of bathtubs, sinks and washing machines, and traps dirt & bacteria into the fabric fibres which over time gives them the look of dulling in brightness and whites going grey. It doesn't happen straight away but it most definitely WILL happen....and YEP you guessed it, it will slowly destroy your precious and expensive washing machine, and eat away at your clothing.

So I got crackin lackin on finding a solution for stripping my grey fabric and what I discovered was extremely interesting. To strip away the build-up you needed to soak your garments in the same ingredients (washing soda & sodium bicarbonate) used in creating DIY laundry powder.

So instead of the painful task of soaking etc. I decided that I would create a DIY laundry powder that didn't include soap, which would clean our whites to their former glory!!

One thing that annoyed the pips out of me was that most chemical free DIY laundry powder recipes require 2 cakes of fragrance free, no nasty chemical, organic soap and I don't know about you but getting my hands on this was no easy task and when I finally did it wasn't exactly cheap. Not to mention the time and effort of grating or milling the soap for the recipe.

But before I removed the soap from the recipe I needed to break down the ingredients and see what their purpose in the recipe was.

I looked at the difference of detergents & soaps (read more about this here), and the benefits and possible toxicity risks of suggested ingredients for most DIY recipes below.

With my new research I created a NO SOAP & NO BORAX DIY laundry powder recipe, this recipe only requires 1 Tbsp. per load, can be used in hot or cold water, front or top loaders and it WORKS!! I have been using MYlaundry powder recipe successfully for over 5 years now. It cost less than nothing to make, saves me heaps of time with no fuss, only 5 easy to get ingredients, no cleaning up, is reducing mine and my family’s chemical exposure.

You can get your hand on my chemical free DIY MYlaundry powder recipe in The Clean Living Clinics MYrecipe DIY Folder which also has the MYsoft scrub which is a universal cleaner that can be used to clean showers, ovens, kitchens and Laundry stains, or you can grab a FREE downloadable here

What YOU can is enough

Myleigh xo

Love this blog? Want more? I can help you succeed on your chemical free journey easily and affordably. Learn more here

***These statements have not been evaluated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and The Clean Living Clinics product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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